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Benji Scum

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I play + Ibanez Guitars

I’m so fucking rad, you loser.
Name: Emm, Marie
Location: Burbank, CA
Age: 13
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5”4’ish
School: St. Francis de Sales
Grade: 8th
Lover: Shaun;; I wish ♥

Music, writing, drawing, cuddling, concerts, photography, Shaun, friends, Internet, PSP9, PhotoShop, PhotoFinish, Graphic Design, playing guitar & bass, LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, DeadJournal

Bad music, labels, meat, mega-sluts to the 10th power, people that like to make other people jealous, when my internet is being a bitch, when my camera is a bitch, when my whole fucking computer is a bitch

Anything from pop-punk or emo to metal, so go check out my info for my bands.

When all you got to keep is strong
Move along, move along like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along just to make it through
-All-American Rejects

If you could be my punk rock princess
I could be your garage band king
You could tell me why you just don’t fit in
And how you’re gonna be something
-Something Corporate

Where is your boy tonight
I hope he is a gentleman
And maybe he won’t find out what I know
You were the last good thing about this part of town
Hey Chris
You were our only friend
And I know this is belated
But we love you back
We’re goin’ down, down in an early round
And sugar, we’re goin’ down swingin’
I’ll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it
You want apologies
Girl, you might hold your breath
Until your breathing stops forever, forever
The only thing you'll get
Is this curse on your lips:
I hope they taste of me forever
But there's a light on in Chicago
And I know I should be home
All the colors of the street signs
They remind me of the pickup truck out in front of your neighbor's
Keep quiet
Nothing comes as easy as you
Can I lay in your bed all day
I'll be your best kept secret
And your biggest mistake
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day
Are we growing up or just going down
It's just a matter of time until we're all found out
Take our tears and put them on ice
Cause I swear I'd burn this city down to show you the light
-Fall Out Boy

Look around, we’re all people
We needs countries anyway
Our land, I love it too
I think I love it more than you
I care enough to fight
If we don’t try
If we just lie
If we can’t find
A way to do it better than this
Who will?
Pressure’s on to get good grades
So I can be like them
Do my homework all the time
I can’t go out just then
-Dead Kennedys

I can't forgive
Can't forget
Can't give in what went wrong
’Cause you said this was right
You fucked up my life

It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you
But when we are apart, I feel it too
And no matter what I do I feel the pain
With or without you
*Nsync (//shaddup//)

I need you tonight
I need you right now
I know deep within my soul
It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right
I saw heaven in your eyes
-Backstreet Boys

Don’t stop
Get it, get it
We’re your captains in it
Steady, watch me navigate, ah ha ha ha
,br> Let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
So we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
Cause we'll know just what they're thinking
Just what they're thinking...
-Relient K
All these dreams and all these plans; I built them all with these two hands. Everything, I’ve realized my dreams. The city lights shine down and they blind me sometimes. But threw it all, I was lost but I found my way. So tell me what you want, ‘cause I would give you anything. Tell me what you need and I’ll go get it.
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Made another one :D [Thursday
June 30th, 2005]
[ mood | okay ]

Better than the rest- too big so it's under a cutCollapse )

Best one haha :)

Chicago Is So 2 Years Ago

June 24th, 2005]
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Chicago Is So 0 Years Ago

--public-- ATTENTION [Sunday
June 12th, 2005]

If on AIM, you get ANYTHING from me that says "this picture looks like you" or something close and then a link, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. Long story how it happened to me, BUT IT HAS A VIRUS ON IT SO DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It will send the same thing to everyone on your buddy list and it's annoying as hell!

Sorry for anyone who recieved it...


Okay so I got rid of it... :D


Chicago Is So 2 Years Ago

This post is PUBLIC because EMMZ NEEDS to read this. [Tuesday
June 7th, 2005]

Emmz. Emmaz. Emmizzle. Emmzalee. Emmalee Lamarenarrow. Jesus Christ. I love you. Please understand that you shouldn't be afraid to talk to me about ANYTHING. I honestly don't know what's going on, so if you could please fill me in, that would be great. All I know is that you're cutting and you really want to kill yourself. After seeing your sister go threw it, haven't you figured that it hurts so many people? There are so many people who love and care about you. Me. Kaden. Kimmy. Your parents. All your classmates. Especially this Xavier charecter. You are such a great person, I don't know what I'd do if you were gone. I seriously love you so much I can't even describe how horrible I felt when Kaden told me you were feeling like this. I honestly think the world of you- You're so strong. You're lovable... you're a good listener. You're pretty. You're funny. You're reallly nice. You're caring and more! I don't see how you could find something wrong with all of that. Me, hello. I'm weak, I'm not very lovable as you can tell, no one likes to listen to me so sometimes I don't feel like I want to listen to them, I'm ugly, I'm NOT funny, and I'm not always so nice. I'm not saying that for attention, really. I mean it. You're too good to throw away your life like that. Please, tell me one thing that could possibly cause you to cut, or want to end your life.

And please- if it's a good reason, you'll get thew it. I promise. I love you and I don't want you to go. Ever.


Marie Story

Always and forever <3

Chicago Is So 9 Years Ago

((Public)) FRIENDS CUT [Saturday
May 21st, 2005]

I'm going to copy Maddy and make a friends cut because so many people on my list NEVER update... so listen read carefully...

Rules (WOW I HAVE RULES!)Collapse )


7. You have to comment on my entries sometimes... because well. Comments make Marie feel good.[/edit]

Kay. So comment to be kept/added.

-le EMM ((MariE))

Chicago Is So 20 Years Ago

Hehe another pathetic attempt to make a FO Banner! ^_^ [Saturday
April 9th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It's... bad. But oh well! I was bored and I can make poor graphics ^_^

Chicago Is So 4 Years Ago

Another FO Banner [Wednesday
April 6th, 2005]

I made yet another Friends Only banner. It sucks but whatever. I don't care!

Chicago Is So 0 Years Ago

February 28th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]


Holy sheet I made that! =D

Chicago Is So 3 Years Ago

January 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | blank ]

Okay so this is my new LJ, and congratulations. You have been chosen to be able to view this motherfucker.

But as you know, it's

Chicago Is So 1 Years Ago

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